美国新闻& World Report’s recently listed 数据base administrator (DBA) as a top-five role in their ranking of 美国’最好的技术工作.1 的 combined career outlook, earning potential, and education path makes this role seem like it could be an appealing option for your future. But what exactly is a 数据base administrator? And what does a 数据base administrator do?

If you have a natural talent for inductive reasoning, critical thinking, and analyzing 数据; if you’对技术的不断发展充满热情,请继续阅读。在本文中,您’ll learn more about the day-to-day duties of a 数据base administrator, their typical work environments, relevant skills needed, salary information and what it takes to become a 数据base administrator.

What does a 数据base administrator do?

简单的说, 数据base administrators oversee the software and hardware that house 数据 to ensure that it’s organized, easy to find, secured and safely backed up. DBAs are often tasked with the set-up of new 数据bases to fit an organization’s needs—for example, creating a 数据base to store customer payment and shipping information and ensuring it connects and “plays nice” with other systems that rely 上 this 数据.

Another important duty of a DBA is to help with the transfer of 数据 from existing 数据bases to a new 数据base—careful attention must be paid to how 数据bases are organized and structured 上 both ends to ensure nothing gets lost in the translation.


It also takes a lot of potential computing power to work with 数据 上 the scale many organizations use, so special attention is paid to creating 数据bases that operate as efficiently as possible. This can include testing potential modifications to existing 数据bases in order to improve efficiency.

Where do 数据base administrators work?

鉴于数据库’并非一家门店式企业,很难准确描绘出您的位置’会工作。简而言之,DBA几乎可以为使用数据库的任何组织工作,如今’如今,数据库几乎无处不在。您最喜欢的暴发户社交媒体平台需要一个数据库来保存您的个人资料。您从中购买定制电话盒的公司需要一个数据库来跟踪运输信息。 劳工统计局(BLS) 报告按顺序使用最多DBA的行业是:2

  • 计算机系统设计及相关服务
  • 教育服务;州,地方和私人
  • 公司和企业的管理
  • 保险公司及相关活动
  • 数据处理,托管和相关服务

What skills do 数据base administrators need?

We used real-time job analysis software to analyze 151,251 数据base administrator job postings from the past year. The 数据 revealed the top hard (technical) and soft (transferrable) skills employers are seeking right now. Here is what we found:


  • 的SQL
  • 甲骨文®
  • 提取转换和加载(ETL)
  • 蟒蛇®
  • Teradata® DBA
  • 数据仓库
  • 爪哇®
  • Big 数据
  • 的Linux
  • Microsoft Excel®

DBA需要对他们的信息有一个整体的看法’re organizing, as well as a detailed and meticulous lens for errors and misplaced 数据. You must also be able to put complex problem solving and critical thinking into action by making decisions that will benefit the 数据base and company.


  • 通讯
  • 故障排除
  • 解决问题
  • 团队合作
  • 写作
  • 规划
  • 研究
  • 注意细节
  • 组织

To work as a 数据base administrator, you’ll need an interesting blend of technical 数据base and programming skills, along with people skills. Oftentimes, DBAs will assist staff members with issues, so you need to be able to communicate their answers effectively. You'll often find yourself having to translate technical jargon into layman's terms.

What is the career outlook for 数据base administrators?

It’s a good time to be working in a 数据-related field, and that certainly rings true for 数据base administrators when it comes to employment growth. DBA positions are projected to increase 以高于平均水平9%的速度 到2028年, 劳工统计局.2 However, with the rapid increase of cloud computing firms that offer cloud 数据bases as a service to businesses, positions in this corner of the market are expected to grow by 21 percent by 2028.2

How much do 数据base administrators make?

DBA的预期就业增长也高于平均水平,同时也具有高于平均水平的收入潜力。 劳工统计局报告 2018年DBA的平均年薪为90,070美元。2 当然,并不是每个人都会对中位数表示怀疑—收入最高的10%的DBA收入超过138,320美元,收入最低的10%的收入为50,340美元。2

Additionally, earning potential can vary somewhat depending 上 the industry a DBA is employed in. 的 2018 Median annual salaries for 数据base administrators in the top industries are:2

  • 保险公司及相关活动:$ 96,440
  • 计算机系统设计和相关服务:$ 95,910
  • 数据处理,托管和相关服务:$ 95,550
  • 公司和企业的管理:$ 94,990
  • 教育服务;州,地方和私人:$ 74,720

How do you become a 数据base administrator?

正如您可能期望的那样,专注于技术知识的职业,您会’re going to need a college degree to become a 数据base administrator. 的 劳工统计局 lists that most DBAs have a 单身汉’在诸如以下领域的学位 信息技术管理, 数据分析 or 计算机科学。这意味着您可以在短短18个月内获得成功所需的实践知识和实践培训。3

DBA还可以通过各种认证来提高自己的履历。一些最常见的是 甲骨文 数据base certificationsMicrosoft 的SQL服务器 认证。请记住学位和证书肯定会带您进入DBA,但有些雇主可能更喜欢在相关低级别IT职位上有经验的候选人。


有很多不同的技术工作。但是如果你不这样做’如果您想要兼具硬技能和人际交往以及明确的目标以保护可能的世界的职业,就不要任何技术工作’最有价值的资源—data—it’s certainly worth considering a career in 数据base administration. 的 projected growth, earning potential and current demand make it an exciting opportunity.

所有的’在您与这个崭露头角的职业之间,您所需要的是正规培训所附带的技术培训和知识。看看我们的 信息技术管理学位页面 了解我们如何帮助您使自己在这个不断发展的领域工作。

1美国新闻&《世界报道》,《 2019年最佳工作》,《最佳技术工作》 [2019年12月访问] //money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/best-technology-jobs
2 美国劳工部劳动统计局《职业展望手册》,[2019年12月访问] www.bls.gov/ooh/. Information represents national, averaged 数据 for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. This 数据 does not represent starting salaries. Employment conditions in your area may vary.
3Burning-Glass.com (analysis of 151,251 数据base administrator job postings, 没有 v. 01, 2018 – Oct. 31, 2019).

甲骨文和Java是Oracle Corporation的注册商标。
蟒蛇是The 蟒蛇 Software Foundation的注册商标。
Teradata是Teradata US,Inc.的注册商标。
Microsoft Excel是Microsoft Corporation的注册商标。


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